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Preparation of mannitol

Currently, the worlds industrial production of mannitol are two kinds of processes, one based on kelp as raw materials in the production of alginate at the same time, will be submitted to the kelp iodine after soaking, after repeated Concentration, impurity, from the cross , evaporation, cooling crystallization derived; One is based on sucrose and glucose as raw material by hydrolysis, epimerization and isomerization enzyme, and then hydrogenation.


Chinas use of seaweed extract mannitol has been for decades, this process is simple, but by the raw material resources, extraction yield, climatic conditions, energy consumption constraints, a long time, its development is restricted. Chinas annual output of the last century, mannitol has not consistently exceeded 8,000 tons. Our synthesis process in the eighties of last century experiments, the advent of the nineties, not long, but not because of its raw material constraints, suitable for mass production, etc., has made ​​great strides.


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