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The essence of coffee mate - non dairy creamer

The essence of coffee mate - non dairy creamer
 Many people like to drink coffee when one of milk, coffee, milk added color lighter, better visual effect. Taste that, plus the more popular milk coffee. Initially filled milk container called "creamer", then people put milk added to coffee is called a "creamer". But the need for cold storage of liquid milk, very easy to use. Nestle in the 1960s developed a technique called "coffee mate" thing instead of milk as "creamer", translated into Chinese, "cream." Because it is powder, do not require refrigeration, so popular. Later, the company also produced other similar products, but "coffee mate" is a registered trademark of Nestle, can not be used, usually directly called the "Non-Grandma fine (non-dairy creamer)", or, more precisely, called "coffee brightener (coffee whitener) ".


 Although coffee companion called "non-dairy" products, in fact, is really contained dairy ingredients. The key ingredient is casein, the main protein in milk. Developed in the coffee mate, when casein is just a byproduct of cheese production, low cost, and no one put it as "milk products" treatment. To recent years, due to the high nutritional value of casein, prices soared, manufacturers are scrambling to find other, more expensive protein instead. Currently, soy protein and wheat protein production of similar products into the market, has become a real "non-Grandma fine."


 In the past, this product only as a coffee substitute milk brightener. Later he was rushed directly to get water to drink, some people treat it as a food ingredient added to the cake, cream and other foods. Because of its shape and flush after flush of product related to milk and milk after very much like, it was the Chinese called the "cream." Industry is more of a call for "creamer."


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