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The difference between non-dairy creamer and milk

The difference between non-dairy creamer and milk
Milk is a natural milk directly from the spray drying, as a natural agricultural and livestock, there is a certain percentage of the standard, not allowed to add anything else (flavored milk and functional milk excluded). The "cream" is used in many products, coffee, collectively, more is modulated by artificial creamer. When milk or milk used in coffee, its purpose is to serve: whitening, thickening, Slip, and bitter in the role, is the "cream" of the kind. But using the same coffee creamer use, although it has also "cream" of a, but it can be tailor-made, there is no certain standard ratio, mainly hydrogenated vegetable oil, sugar, casein-based raw materials , supplemented emulsifier, stabilizer, flavor, pigment synthesis, the general purpose of the coffee creamer, its low nutritional value than milk, but there are also dedicated for baby milk powder creamer, without hydrogenated rich in flax acid and other unsaturated fatty acids. Coffee creamer, the core indicators:

First, the whitening effect: with the amount of casein, fat ball the size of the micro-capsule technology

Second, the solubility: with particle size, particle diffusion, emulsification, the amount of the coke

Third, the thickening: the amount of the protein

Fourth, in and of: and emulsifying effect, selection of raw materials and the ratio, the flavor

General purpose coffee creamer made in order to meet these targets. Adding casein is used instead of embedding the fat globules provide nutrition, usually 30% of the fat as long as needed about 2-4% casein. General non-dairy creamer production industry on the advertised product catalog is the function and application of more, will not be there or you can replace the milk powder and other nutritional statement. Non-dairy creamer, as the vast majority of applications in leisure drinks, food areas, and would not be suitable for nutrition when standard to test it, just as with nutrition standards to test candy, Coke is a reason. The "cream" the name has its historical origins, English cream is cream, milk added to coffee, condensed milk, milk powder, fresh cream all call creamer, milk plant, shall be called the non-dairy creamer, or a direct call creamer. So creamer "cream" is referred to, not necessarily milk or milk ingredients, at best "animal cream" and "plant cream" segments only, really want to cheat on a direct, also known as milk.


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