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Why can not I eat leftovers

Recently, a lot of people ask: overnight what harmful ingredients in the dish? Why can not I eat leftovers?

The danger is that the nitrite

Food additive vegetables generally contain more nitrates, especially N fertilizer than the largervegetables. While the nitrate into nitrite in the role of nitrate reductase. Nitrite itself has some toxicity, it will block the role of red blood cells transport oxygen, thus leading to tissue hypoxia. If nitrite is a relatively large number, it will lead to a "cyanotic disease"and other typical symptoms of nitrite poisoning. However, daily life, the nitrite in vegetables amounted to less than caused by the extent of acute poisoning, but it will bring another trouble - nitrite and amino acids in the food and low-level amine reactioncan be formed carcinogenic nitrosamines and NITROSAMIDES substances, it may increase the risk of gastric cancer.

In which vegetables to the nitrate content of leafy vegetables and root vegetables, thesevegetables have to be very fresh. If it is found to the leafy occur wilting, leaf out, theyshowed that the nitrite levels have increased significantly. If the leaves showing Shuizi Zhuang has even sour, the nitrite content is very dangerous and can not eat. In contrast,the nitrate content of the tomato, eggplant, melon and other fruits and vegetables is relatively low, the risk is relatively small.

Then nitrate into nitrite under what circumstances? First, the vegetables at room temperature, vegetables internal sterile, but its own enzymes to reduce nitrate toproduce nitrite; after cooking the vegetables own enzymes are killed, but the large population of bacteria, many bacteria are able to produce nitrate reductase, thereby creating nitrite.

The so-called overnight vegetables, leftovers harmful, on the one hand, say fresh vegetables will produce nitrite, on the other hand,Vitamin C  vegetable cooking if you do not eat, willproduce nitrite.


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