Prod Expo 2024

Jan 18, 2024
Prod Expo 2024
Prod Expo 2024
  • DateFebruary 5-9, 2024
  • LocationMoscow, Russia
  • Booth number26B55

Prodexpo: a major international show of food and drinks in Russia and Eastern Europe

Prodexpo features foodstuffs from across the globe, from essential food and beverages to exquisite speciality as well as organic, sport and healthy food, halal, kosher, and exotic products.

It is only here you can see Russia’s largest showcase of alcoholic beverages and wines from more than 30 countries.

It is for Prodexpo manufacturers plan the launch of their new products, trademarks, and brands. Up to 14% of novelties are annually presented at the trade show.

There are ample opportunities for manufacturers and distributors, from large supplies to federal chains to small supplies to stores and exclusive food to restaurants.

That is why Prodexpo brings together purchasers of federal and local chains, who are strategic customers of the food industry in Russia and the Eurasian Union, and representatives of HoReCa, i.e., restaurants, bars, and cafes.

At Prodexpo everyone finds what he/she is looking for. And even more. It is here at Prodexpo Russian food business is built.


67,753 visitors from 106 countries,89 regions of Russia

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