EkoSweet™ 9100

Product Description: 

The appearance is white powder or granule; the taste is pure, similar to white sugar. The sweetness is 2-10 times than sugar,1g is equal to 2 tablespoons of white sugar. It can be dissolved instantly with good stability of heat, easy to use. Low or no-calorie, suitable for all people.


Home cooking, baking, beverage, desserts. It can be used as a sugar substitute for diabetics and slim people.

Main ingredients: Sucralose, Stevia, Sorbitol, etc.

Min. order500KG
Packaging Details1g/bag or 25kg/ctn(drum)
Delivery Time15Days
ApplicationCoffee, Home cooking, Baking, Beverage, Desserts
CertificatesAll raw material with HACCP, KOSHER, HALAL, ISO Certificates
Benefitused as a sugar substitute for diabetics and slim people.
EkoSweet™ 9100
EkoSweet™ 9100
AppearanceWhite Crystal
Loss on drying≤4%
Total Plant Count≤1000cfu/g
Yeast&Moulds50cfu/g max
E. ColiNegative
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