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Foodmate Co., Ltd. Click to the website

Main business: FoodGel™ Edible Gelatin/FoodGel™ Pharmaceutical Gelatin/FoodGel™ Gelatin Leaf/FoodGel™ Gelatin Powder/Foodpep™ Collagen Peptides/Industrial Gelatin

As a member of Foodchem Group, one of the TOP 3 suppliers for food ingredients in China, Foodmate Gelatin specializes in the production of bovine and fish gelatin, as well as Collagen Peptides for use in a range of food and pharma. products. Also as a fully certified gelatin manufacturer, Foodmate Gelatin has been providing the highest quality edible and pharmaceutical gelatin to the global market.

Foodmate Gelatin practices comprehensive quality management to comply with the highest international standards in the gelatin factory. We only use first-class raw materials for all of our products. All our production methods and processes are documented, and each finished product is subject to intensive testing before shipping.

Our certifications include HALAL, KOSHER, ISO 22000, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 for the factory and products to which these schemes apply.

With an unshakable commitment to quality, safety, and sustainability, we are eager to support our customers’ success with outstanding products and services.

Foodmate Co., Ltd.

Ekosweet Co., Ltd. Click to the website

Main business: Natural sweetener, Compound sweetener, Tabletop sweetener, etc.Monk Fruit sugar, Stevia, Xylitol, Sucralose.

Ekosweet Co., Ltd. is an innovative enterprise that manufactures different kinds of sweeteners, varying from Monk Fruit, natural sweeteners to compound sweeteners.

We not only supply products, but also provide customized solutions for different sweeteners. As a member of Foodchem International Corporation, we have a professional service team that can offer quality service in terms of shipping and customization.

Our environmental management capacity has well met the highest national standard, and 3,000 tons of annual production capacity can offer you stable supplying. Our products meet BP, USP and EP standards, and are certified with KOSHER, HALAL, and other global certificates. To cater to customers' particular needs, we have established an R&D research team with a number of 15 experts, who have over ten years of experience in the development of sweeteners, providing customized solutions to over 300 customers from 120+ countries.

Ekosweet is looking forward to creating the happy and “sweet” tomorrow with you.

Ekosweet Co., Ltd.

Foodchem International Corporation Click to the website

Main business: Own brand packaging products, Hydrocolloids, Vanillin, TG

Foodchem has served more than 5,000 customers worldwide in the first decade. According to market trends and customer needs, Foodchem hopes to serve more global food terminal customers in the second 10 years. Provide product application solutions and the development of new products.

Shanghai R &D Center supplies Hydrophilic Colloid, Baking Enzyme, Compound &Tabletop Sweeteners, TG Enzyme products to customers around the world from three locations. We are fully certified with FSSC 22000, ISO 9001, non-GMO, Judaism and Halal.

FoodGum™ Sodium Alginate
FoodGum™ Konjac Gum
FoodGel™ Carrageenan
FoodVanil™ Vanillin
ProBinder™ Transglutaminase

Foodchem International Corporation