Our Team

Foodchem has a highly trained technical staff, capable of providing sound scientific solutions to our customers' needs. Our company devoted itself to supplying many food materials to 5000+ global customers from 150+ countries, especially food ingredients and additives.

  • Strategic Human Resource Management
    • Created a professional and dynamic team, and become the leader of our industry in human resource management, team size, and management level.
  • Technical Service Advantages
    • Possesses food professional Doctor in Europe & China for more than ten years experience, able to provide professional technical support especially for the meat processing industry and beverage industry.
  • Multilingual Professional Pales Team
    • We can also provide multilingual sales and service support including English, French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, etc. More accurate service worldwide customers.
  • Efficient Teamwork
    • Possess professional product development capabilities Engineers, good sourcing abilities and energetic marketing team, also customer service team. Efficient teamwork to serve every customer more professionally.