Foodchem Group Brings Latest Innovative Products and Solutions to FIC 2022

Aug 19, 2022

FIC is one of the largest and most professional trade shows in the field of food additives and ingredients. It is a highly industry-cohesive exhibition with well-known enterprises from countries and regions in the world. Last week, Foodchem Group has attended FIC 2022 in Guangzhou from the 16th to 18th of August in Canton Fair Complex (Guangzhou). Our team showcases the latest innovative applications for food and beverages at booth 42B31.


"We are very excited to attend this year's FIC to share our latest offerings with consumers and business partners. The expo is also a great way for us to learn about trends and industry updates in the Asian market," said Jeffry Yang, general manager at Foodmate.

During the 3 days exhibition, we not only provide customers with professional solutions but also understand cutting-edge market information and adhere to the concept of high-tech and high-quality products.

The pandemic has induced healthier eating habits among consumers, making plant-based food and Zero-calorie sugar, and food that maintains a strong immune system and improves bowel movement new hits in the market.

"Informed by these insights, the industry is paying more attention to the clean label project and trying to drive sustainable growth. At Foodchem and Foodmate, we've also stepped up efforts in innovation to make our products better appeal to the changing habits and trends of the market" added Jeffery.

Products on display at FIC 2022 include:

- Functional Proteins: A “clean label” emulsifier and water retainer mainly used in meat products which perform better in most cases in comparison to carrageenan.

- Cold Soluble Gelatin: Cold soluble gelatin is specialized gelatin that can be dissolved at room temperature.

- Microcapsule Vanillin: A revolutionary vanillin product that endures high temperature with a stable flavor releasing curve.


See you in Shanghai at FIC 2023.