Foodchem Group had just attended the Ingredients Russia 2020 with a New Face

Feb 21, 2020

The three-day Ingredients Russia 2020 in Moscow is ended on February 20, and Foodchem Group attended this exhibition for the 12th consecutive year.

Due to the outbreak of an epidemic in China this year, the original exhibition team could not go to the exhibition. We urgently reorganized the exhibition team in Moscow, and organized an online communication support team of about 50 specialists. The mode of cross-border online consultation was adopted for the first time, which was welcomed by the exhibition visitors.

Ingredients Russia 2020
The staff took a photo with a visitor in the exhibition

Foodchem Group focus on customer’s demands. This year, we attached great importance to the outbreak of the disease and started the online work as a matter of urgency. Relevant measures were promptly disclosed to minimize the impact on customers and ensure online services.

Russia has always been one of the key markets of Foodchem Group, as early as in 2006 since its establishment, we focused on and participate in Ingredients Russia exhibition and participated for 12 consecutive years since 2009. Due to the outbreak of the disease this year, we initiated the emergency plan very early, and provided high-quality exhibition consulting services to exhibition visitors through the cross-border connection.

Ingredients Russia 2020
The customer in the exhibition is communicating online with the domestic engineer

Foodchem Group adheres to market orientation, and we brought two brands Foodchem and Foodmate, and specialized products and solutions in nutrition and health, meat products, beverages and bakery segments, which attracted special attention from new and old customers.

Ingredients Russia 2020
Ingredients Russia 2020

Foodchem Group, a leading food additives and ingredients conglomerate in China, is committed to providing high-quality products and services to customers in the food industry. Since its establishment 14 years ago, we have been grateful for the support and trust of all customers. We also pay attention to the latest development trend of the food industry, and meet customers' changing needs through technological innovation and product research and development. Looking forward to continuing to cooperate in future.

Next Exhibition preview:
The FIC exhibition originally scheduled for March has been postponed. Please pay attention to the official release of Foodchem group (official website, Facebook, WeChat subscription) for the specific exhibition time, which will be announced in time.