Foodchem Is Together With You To Prevent 2019-nCov

Mar 02, 2020

Recently, the new coronavirus threatened people's healthy life. In this particular Period, all Foodchem members are brave to face the unexpected situation. Through a series of emergency measures, everything has been running smoothly in Foodchem.

 Foodchem Is Together With You To Prevent 2019-nCov

There have been touching stories that have been happening every day in Foodchem.

On Feb. 19, a partner from Hebei Province sent us protective masks. On February 25, a customer from Singapore sent us protective masks... and many other friends who care about Foodchem also sent their greetings, bringing warmth to us. We are very grateful about them.

Foodchem has been encouraged by the support. All Foodchem members will always keep that in mind. Facing to this sudden virus, we are united and encourage each other in order to dispel the virus as soon as possible.

In recent days, Foodchem made great effort to find resources and accumulated a batch of protective mask resources. In order to help all friends who care and support Foodchem to better protect themselves against the new coronavirus, Foodchem has made a small contribution by sending a batch of protective masks to those who need them. Together, we will fight against the new coronavirus, look forward to the end of the epidemic, and enjoy the wonderful world again.

 Foodchem Is Together With You To Prevent 2019-nCov

The virus isolates us, but not our concern for each other. As long as our hearts are together, there is no problem can't be solved, no difficulty can’t be defeated.

Foodchem has accumulated rich experience in fighting against the new coronavirus in the past two months. Although the virus is terrible, as long as we avoid panic and response in scientific way, we can effectively reduce the risk of infection, and protect ourselves and our families better.

Below are some very practical and effective ways to prevent the virus, please collect.

① Keep plenty of water, rice, flour and other foods at home.

② Work from home as often as possible.

③ If you want to go out, please wear a mask.

④ Don't go to crowded places and keep a distance of one meter away from other people.

⑤ Try to drive there instead of taking public transportation.

⑥ The elevator is hands-free.  

⑦ Wash your hands and spray disinfectant when you get home.

⑧ Take a full bath.

During this special period, Foodchem continues to operate as normal and continue to work with all of you to create a win-win situation. When the virus is cleared, we can seek for greater success together.

Foodchem wishes you all good health and good luck. Against the new coronavirus, Foodchem is always with you!

A list of immune-boosting products is recommended. Please contact us if necessary.