Foodchem’s Booth F275 Draws Attention at Vitafoods Europe 2023

May 13, 2023

Vitafoods Europe 2023, the premier European exhibition for nutrition and health food products, concluded on May 11th at the Geneva Exhibition Center in Switzerland. Over the course of three days, Foodchem captivated attendees with its diverse range of health product ingredients and cutting-edge sweetener solutions, garnering widespread attention and acclaim at booth F275.


As the largest professional exhibition in the European nutrition and health product and ingredient industry, Vitafoods Europe has been at the forefront for over 20 years. It serves as a comprehensive platform, showcasing dietary supplements, functional foods and beverages, pharmaceuticals, natural and herbal products, as well as ingredients and raw materials.

At the exhibition, Foodchem showcased its commitment to innovation and excellence across three distinct sectors:

Ingredients & Raw Materials Sector:

Ranging from algae and amino acids to minerals, collagen, ginseng, dairy ingredients, marine materials, new compounds, plant extracts, herbal medicines, prebiotics, krill, proteins, soft capsules, stevia, vitamins, glucosamine, fat substitutes, Omegas, coenzymes, and various trace elements.

Branded Finished Products:

Novel dietary supplements and functional foods and beverages. From energizing drinks to convenient meal replacements, and from chewable supplements to effervescent tablets.

Contract Manufacturing & Private Label Sector:

Contract manufacturing and private labeling, catering to brand owners, retailers, and manufacturers seeking customized product development.

Foodchem's presence at Vitafoods Europe 2023 perfectly aligned with the exhibition's theme of "Innovations in Healthy Nutrition Foods." We have proudly presented its extensive portfolio of nutritional product ingredients and its proprietary sugar substitute series at booth F275. With a focus on biotechnology research and development, Foodchem showcased its comprehensive solutions in the field of food nutrition and health.

A highlight of Foodchem's exhibition was the introduction of its self-developed sugar substitute, Ekosweet™. This product generated significant interest due to its zero-sugar content, low-calorie profile (less than 17 calories per 100g), and gluten-free attributes. Ekosweet™ is an ideal fit for ketogenic and low-carbohydrate dietary recipes, offering three sweetness levels (1x, 4x, and 8x) to accommodate various application scenarios. In beverages and culinary creations, it can completely replace traditional sugars while maintaining or surpassing the overall taste, flavor, and quality of comparable products. Additionally, Ekosweet™ supports sugar control and reduction efforts.

Foodchem's representatives engaged with hundreds of customers during the exhibition, fostering meaningful connections and valuable exchanges with industry partners from around the globe. These interactions invigorated the development of healthy food and reinforced Foodchem's commitment to research and development as a driving force in the international food ingredient trade.

As the exhibition concluded, Foodchem remains steadfast in its dedication to providing comprehensive, one-stop solutions for product ingredients. With a focus on sustainable development, independent research, production excellence, and open innovation, Foodchem will continue to pioneer advancements in the nutrition and health food industry.


see you in 2024......