New Arrival – FoodVanil™

Jan 17, 2022

In 1874, Dr. M. Halman and Dr. G. Tayman in Germany successfully synthesized vanillin, which is the first flavoring synthesized by human beings and the most widely used spice so far.

Over 200℃, the loss of vanillin is 90%. How to improve the thermal stability of vanillin, keep the aroma of vanillin for a long time, and reduce the use-cost? After three years of research and development, we have successfully developed Foodvanil™, which slowly releases the aroma of vanilla beans at high temperatures.


More Economical

In food applications, 1:1 equal ratio replacement can help you save costs by at least 18%!

Application of chocolate sauce & ice cream

More Delicious

In food applications, let the product taste closest to nature, left a lingering fragrance in your mouth

Ice CreamStrong milky fragrance, light scent, natural fragrance, and good aftertaste
Chocolate SauceEnhance the sweetness, milky taste, and aftertaste extension of the chocolate sauce
CookiesSignificantly enhance the sweetness and milk flavor and increase the vanilla flavor, improve the astringency of whole wheat cookies

More natural, and healthier

Reduce the use of other chemical products to make products healthier