Happy Spring Festival: Year of the Loong Celebration!

Feb 07, 2024

2024 ushers in the majestic Year of the Dragon in the Chinese zodiac, symbolizing strength, success, and good fortune. Embracing this auspicious year, Foodchem Group extends heartfelt gratitude to our esteemed global customers and dedicated domestic suppliers for your unwavering support.

As we approach the upcoming Chinese New Year celebration, observed from February 8th to 17th, we pause to express our sincere appreciation for the collaborative journey we've shared throughout the past year. This holiday is a vibrant and joyous occasion in China, marked by rich cultural traditions, cherished family gatherings, and spirited celebrations.

Reflecting on the milestones of 2023, Foodchem Group experienced remarkable growth. We welcomed talented individuals who played a pivotal role in propelling the vision of Foodchem forward. Our unwavering commitment to providing top-notch services manifested in the expansion of our global presence, the introduction of innovative products like FAP, and active participation in exhibitions worldwide. Our diverse product range, featuring Gelatin, Citric Acid, Creatine Monohydrate, Creatine Monohydrate, and more, has firmly established its position in terms of both quality and logistics services.

Anticipating the journey into 2024, Foodchem is resolutely dedicated to fostering international cooperation. We plan to develop cutting-edge products and upgrade technologies to penetrate new markets. With advanced factory systems ensuring rigorous quality control, we uphold our leadership position in China while embracing the challenge of being a dynamic global market participant. As a significant contributor to the food additives industry, Foodchem remains committed to exploring innovative applications of food ingredients and promoting healthy nutrition to elevate the overall consumer experience.

We are thrilled to announce our participation in the Food Ingredients China (FIC) exhibition in Shanghai in March. We eagerly look forward to connecting with you during this event, providing an excellent opportunity to discuss new collaborations and showcase our latest offerings.

Even amidst the festive holiday season, our commitment to you remains unwavering. Our dedicated team will be readily available for seamless communication and prompt responses through email and WhatsApp. Your inquiries and needs are of utmost priority to us.

As we embark on the unfolding journey of 2024, we anticipate the myriad opportunities and collaborations it holds. From all of us at Foodchem, we extend warm wishes for a prosperous Chinese New Year and a healthy, joyous holiday season for you and your cherished ones!