Successful Conclusion of FIC 2024 Shanghai: Injecting New Vitality and Innovation into China’s Food Additives and Ingredients Industry

Mar 25, 2024

As the 27th China International Food Additives and Ingredients Exhibition (FIC 2024) successfully concluded at the Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center, this grand event injected new vitality and innovation into the food additives and ingredients industry. During the exhibition, industry leaders, experts, and exhibitors from around the world gathered to explore new trends and prospects in the industry.


Highlights of this edition:

  1. Functional Animal Protein New Product Launch: FOODCHEM hosted the highly anticipated "Functional Animal Protein New Product Launch" in the M802 conference room, revealing the innovative application of collagen protein in meat processing. By combining with meat, collagen protein not only enhances the taste and texture of products but also adds nutritional value, attracting widespread attention from attendees.
  2. Sustainable Development and Innovative Products: FOODCHEM showcased a variety of food additives and ingredients needed in global markets, emphasizing the importance of sustainable development and innovative products in industry development. Additionally, FOODCHEM's new factory, FOODMATE, showcased a range of independently developed and mass-produced innovative products, including gelatin and complex hydrophilic colloids, leading the industry in a new direction.
  3. Digital Technology Application: Digital technology applications in food production and supply chain management received considerable attention at this exhibition. Exhibitors showcased the application of technologies such as smart manufacturing and IoT sensors, setting new benchmarks for improving production efficiency and food safety.

Industry Insights:

  1. Continued Trends in Health and Nutrition: Increasing consumer focus on health and nutrition continues to drive the development and introduction of more healthy functional foods. The industry will continue to focus on innovative product development to meet consumer demands.
  2. Sustainable Development Becomes Mainstream: The commitment of the food additives and ingredients industry to sustainable development is becoming increasingly prominent, with companies continuously seeking sustainable solutions to meet consumer demands for environmental protection.
  3. International Cooperation and Exchange: FIC 2024 provided an important platform for domestic and international companies, promoting technical exchanges and cooperation internationally, strengthening connections and collaboration within the global food industry.

The successful hosting of FIC 2024 not only showcased the vitality and innovation of China's food additives and ingredients industry but also pointed the way forward for the industry's future development. With the increasing emphasis on health awareness and the importance of sustainable development, we look forward to the industry continuing to move towards a healthier, more sustainable, and innovative direction. We hope to meet again at FIC 2025 in Shanghai.