A marvelous celebration for the Foodchem 15th anniversary was held on 15th, September 2021.

Sep 18, 2021

Today is Foodchem's birthday. We have gone through a 15-year journey since its establishment in 2006.
During the past 15 years, Foodchem has grown from a little baby to an energetic and dreamy teenager.

During the past 15 years, Foodchem started as a trading company. Today, we have our own independent R&D center, and also our brand-new factory will be officially put into production soon.

During the past 15 years, along the way, we have been fortunate enough to experience the golden age of "fishing without bait" in China's foreign trade industry. We have also experienced China's foreign trade from simply selling to refinement, branding, and providing customers with customized services and products. We feel the pressure and challenge of transformation in the trading of the food additive industry.

Looking forward to the next decade, Foodchem will adhere to the core values ​​of “proactive, honest and open, serious and pragmatic, professional and efficient”, continue to deepen the food additives and ingredients industry, and increase R&D investment. In the next ten years, our will is:

  • Bring together many outstanding talents to create a business platform that can be shared.
  • Be a public company with a modern corporate governance structure.
  • Be a company driven by technological innovation.
  • Be the leader of China's functional food ingredients.
  • Be an international company that establishes local sales teams and overseas warehouses in key markets
  • Be a company that goes hand in hand with both trade and self-developed products

We hope to unite a group of proactive people, with an honest and open mind, work seriously and pragmatically, and provide customers with professional products and efficient services!

Everyone needs to find the meaning of their own life, so as for enterprises. Foodchem's mission is to:
Lead the Company to go public on its 20th anniversary.
Said by Nietzsche"Every single day without dancing is one day we betrayed of life."
The future is bright while the road may be dangerous. We choose to stick to the long-term and choose to do the hard but right things!

Our journey is the sea of stars. Let us work together to write the better next chapter! The revolution has not yet succeeded, let us work hard and create a bright future together!

15th anniversary celebration of Foodchem