How to choose high-quality Dehydrated Garlic (with product recommendation)

Feb 23, 2021

Foodchem expert provides you with professional suggestions as follows.

Dehydrated garlic is a very important food ingredient, easy to preserve, easy to transport, easy to store, easy to eat, very popular in the international market.

Dehydrated garlic is mainly used in the following food fields:

● Baking, such as vegetable biscuits.

● Meat products, such as sausages.

● Seasoning.

● Instant food, such as instant noodles.

So how choose high-quality dehydrated garlic? Rachel, the Dehydrated Vegetable expert of Foodchem Group, provides the following professional suggestions for your reference:

1. Prioritize branded products

Dehydrated garlic is a food after all, and safety is the most basic requirement. Branded products are more secure in terms of safety.

2. It is better to have a professional production factory

Professional production is the guarantee of quality. With complete production qualifications and product certificates, even problems with products can be quickly discovered and resolved.

3. Strict quality control from source to processing

Dehydrated vegetables

Quality control must start from the source, from planting to raw materials, and finally to processing, there must be strict quality control management.

Generally speaking, as long as the above three conditions are met, the product quality of dehydrated garlic will basically have no problems.

Foodchem Group welcomes you to buy high-quality dehydrated garlic. We recommend FoodVeg dehydrated garlic. This is Foodchem Group’s own brand, which fully meets the standards of high-quality dehydrated garlic and has special advantages.

2021 is the 15th anniversary of the founding of Foodchem Group. Thank you for your support and trust from customers all over the world. We will continue to provide you with quality products and services. Welcome to consult and cooperate.

Dehydrated garlic