Alibaba March Expo is coming now,Foodchem launches 3 major events

Feb 26, 2021

From March 1 to 31, the annual Alibaba New Trade Festival is here again. The New Trade Festival in March is divided into 39 venues:

  • 1 big market
  • 30 vertical industry venues
  • 3 special venues
  • 5 content venues

Bring a new purchasing experience to global buyers.

2021 coincides with the 15th anniversary of the establishment of Foodchem. In order to repay the support and trust of global customers, Foodchem will bring three surprises to global customers during the Alibaba New Trade Festival, helping the rapid recovery and innovative development of the global food industry.

Surprise 1: 50+ product sync offers

From March 1st to 31st, Foodchem enthusiastically launched a preferential sourcing campaign, with a total of 50+ products, with a quantity of more than 5,000 tons. Limited quantity, first come first served.

The list of some preferential products is as follows:
● Potassium Sorbate
● Taurine
● L-Carnitine
● Glutamine
● Branched chain amino acids
● others

Surprise 2: 30+ Featured Product Recommendations

Foodchem has its own application research and development laboratory, and has established a joint laboratory with Jiangnan University and other professional colleges. At present, it has successfully launched 20+ independent research and development products and 10+ joint research and development products. These products have more obvious advantages and characteristics than similar products on the market. Customers are welcome to come to consult.

The list of some featured products is as follows:
● Gelatin
● Collagen peptide
● Zero calorie sugar
● Carrageenan
● Konjac Gum
● Phosphorus-free water retention agent
● Gelatin powder
● The main ingredient of energy drink
● others

Surprise 3: Members enjoy double points rewards

During the New Trade Festival, all orders of member customers will enjoy double points rewards, that is, diamond members, gold members and silver members will receive 12 times and 8 times the orders from March 1 to 31 after shipment And 4 times the reward points.

Membership levelNormal PointsPoints During The Event
Diamond membership*6*12
Gold member*4*8
Silver member*2*4
Remarks: 1 point for every $1,000

Three surprises will help your March purchase. Hurry up and consult and join Foodchem's March Happy Purchasing Season. For details, please send an email directly:, or fill in the form for consultation, and look forward to our cooperation.