New business opportunity of energy drink! EnerUP™ launched Ginseng Flavor

Jun 06, 2020

New business opportunity for energy drink is on the way! That is Energy Drink Preparation with ginseng flavor.

As the latest segment of the beverage market, energy drinks have entered the fast lane of development since 2019. Euromonitor predicts that by 2020, the global energy drink sales will reach 11.68 billion liters, and the sales will exceed 42 billion USD. In this year's global outbreak of COVID-19, consumers care about health more. Energy drinks that provide energy supplement and enhance immunity will usher in development opportunities.

EnerUP™ launched Ginseng Flavor
EnerUP™ launched Ginseng Flavor

In March 2019, Amazon's Solimo launched two energy drinks, Solimo Red Energy Drink and Solimo Silver Energy Drink. In April, Coca Cola launched the energy drink brand Coca Cola Energy. In July, Pepsi announced that it would launch the energy drink brand Pepsi Energy.

At present, most of the energy drinks on the market contain caffeine, taurine and other ingredients. Long-term drinking will produce dependence, and excessive use will make the body burden heavier. In the face of growing market demand, energy drinks show three major product innovation and development trends:

  • Improve the formula, learn from traditional prescriptions and reduce chemical additives
  • Energy drinks with natural ingredients are more attractive
  • Natural Drink Manufacturers enter the energy drink market

Ginseng, Astragalus and Ganoderma lucidum from traditional Chinese medicine, which is made into energy drinks by some manufacturers, provide consumers with natural and healthy new products. However, the application and research of ginseng in energy drinks are still in its infancy, and the potential of its commercial value has not been fully explored. The main reasons are as follows:

  • Ginseng is too nourishing and easy to catch fire
  • The taste of ginseng is sour and astringent, which is difficult to mix after being made into a beverage
  • It is difficult to extract the nutritional components of ginseng

The scientific research on ginseng and other traditional Chinese medicine is not deep enough

EnerUP™ Foodchem
EnerUP™ Foodchem

Enerup™ R&D team has concentrated on research and repeated experiments, they added ginseng extract and green coffee bean extract, and finally has successfully developed a variety of flavors of energy drink preparation, including ginseng taste.

Enerup™ Energy Drink Preparation with ginseng flavor has the advantages of slightly sweet, aftertaste, mouthful fragrance, mild supplement, and no side effects, which solves the research and development problems in the market. After many blind drinking tests, ginseng taste stands out and becomes one of the most popular tastes.

We always adhere to the concept of innovation-driven market and attach great importance to product application research and development, Enerup™ Energy Drink Preparation with ginseng flavor is one of our latest research and development achievements. We firmly believe that the new taste can move the energy drink market segment. Welcome to consult and ask for samples, looking forward to jointly develop new business opportunities, cooperation success!