Personalization will become the development direction of food and beverage enterprises in the future

Jul 04, 2019

In recent years, the global food and beverage market has changed dramatically, and more and more small emerging brands appear in the market and gradually erode the market share of large food companies. These new brands are accepted by more and more consumers, because of their product innovation and the ability to quickly adapt to consumer demand, often very well. It's hard for large companies to upgrade their products and change their tastes quickly.

At present, the vast consumer groups pay more and more attention to nutrition, health and personalization. Consumers are becoming more and more rational, hoping that products and services can keep up with their own needs. Health will be a key criterion for buying food. Opportunities for food manufacturers lie in the ability to quickly develop ecologically, naturally and healthily original products. People have come to realize that diet is a personal matter and people need to create their own healthy diet model. With the awakening of consumers'health awareness, the previous "average" nutrition program has gradually become obsolete, and personalized nutrition and gene customized diet will become the norm.

Last May, Nestle Nutrition and Millet MIUI announced their collaboration in the hope of combining the scientific algorithm of dietary nutrition recommendations with intelligent biotechnology to build an intelligent nutrition and health platform for consumers. Recently, Mars announced that it had signed an agreement with Foodspring, a German functional food and beverage company, to acquire the majority of the latter. This means that Mars has officially crossed the border to the personalized nutritional food market.

Food and technology will be more and more integrated, and then retailers or retail platforms will play an important role. E-commerce platforms have a large number of consumer data, and consumer buying behavior, search behavior and other data can be obtained on this platform. The cooperation between large food enterprises and these platforms can greatly improve the feasibility of reverse-driven enterprise product design by individualized health data of consumers. Large food companies will cooperate with upstream and downstream companies with relevant technologies or data across borders, and may even merge start-ups in related fields to break through their precise nutrition industry chain.

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