Development of collagen peptides in China & Foreign Markets

Aug 12, 2019

Collagen peptides have various names on the market, including hydrolyzed collagen, small-molecule collagen or collagen, but different names point to using collagen-rich tissues in animals as raw materials. For example, common fish skin, beef bone, cowhide, pigskin, etc., under the hydrolysis of acid and alkali and protease, the non-aqueous soluble macromolecular collagen triple helix structure is opened, and the average molecular weight is less than 10,000. A small molecule collagen peptide mixture.


With the continuous pursuit of their own health and the recognition of the efficacy of collagen peptides, the market size of collagen peptide products has been greatly improved in the past five years, especially in the oral products for skin health. Following the follow-up of bone and joint health products, the demand for collagen peptides in the domestic market (if converted into raw materials) is 4000-5000 tons a year, mainly from two parts of statistics. :

1) Collagen peptide products produced domestically and sold domestically,
2) The number of collagen peptide products produced abroad but imported into the domestic market.
There are other products that come in through other means and are not counted due to lack of reliable data support.

With the further popularization of collagen peptide expertise, it is expected that the market capacity of domestic collagen peptides will be greatly enhanced in the next five years.

The international demand for collagen peptides is also increasing year by year, but due to the different stages of market development, the growth rate of collagen peptide products in the international market is lower than that of the domestic market. Market differences have also led to a large difference in the age and background of the consumer group of collagen peptides. In Asia Pacific markets such as Japan and Taiwan, the main consumer of collagen peptides is women aged 20-40, consumers hope Through the action of collagen peptides, I can make myself look younger and more beautiful, aiming at the health needs of the skin.

In the European and American markets, collagen peptide products are more targeted at the sports population and the elderly market, both male and female consumers, covering most of the age group, mainly using collagen peptides to reduce joints. Pain, increase bone density, and benefit muscle growth. At the same time, with the promotion of oral beauty concepts from the inside out, more Western consumers have gradually accepted this concept, so in the last 5 years Oral collagen beauty products sold in the European and American markets have gradually occupied a certain market share.

Collagen peptides in the beauty market:

The role of collagen peptides in skin health has been confirmed in many studies at home and abroad, mainly in:
1) Increase the skin's water retention and keep the skin from drying out. This is a key indicator of skin health. When the skin is dehydrated, the stratum corneum will harden and form a crack. The skin will become easily irritated and inflamed. Itching and the skin will also become rough.
2) Reduce skin wrinkles and make skin more delicate. In daily life, affected by sunlight and other factors, the collagen fibers and elastic fibers in the dermis will be denatured and broken, causing the skin texture to deepen. Oral collagen peptide can make the skin Reduced wrinkles, giving people a delicate skin.

At present, oral collagen beauty products on the market are mainly popular in oral liquid and solid granules. Both product formulations have their own characteristics and advantages. The oral liquid products are mainly convenient to take, have a good taste and are rich in compatibility, but the original In the promotion of oral liquid products in glass bottles, there are also problems of inconvenience in carrying. However, the popular aluminum foil bag filling oral liquid in the last two years has solved this kind of dilemma perfectly, which has also caused many brands to carry out products. When upgrading, they are willing to change to aluminum foil bag packaging. Because of its advantages of convenient transportation and carrying, and easy storage, solid granules quickly gained the favor of many brand owners. More importantly, the preparation of this dosage form is very convenient, and it can better protect some materials sensitive to temperature, or some The stability of the solution is not particularly good, so solid granules are a very good choice. Collagen peptides and skin products are mainly for female consumers aged 20-40. These products are sold through e-commerce platforms. Depending on the product formula and cost considerations, monthly consumption of such products Prices are common at 300-600 yuan.

Collagen peptides in the sports and elderly markets:

Many studies at home and abroad have also shown that oral collagen peptide can reduce joint pain and joint discomfort. After oral administration of collagen peptide, it increases the proteoglycan content of articular cartilage, and stimulates joint stromal cells to synthesize collagen, thus helping to maintain joints. Structure and increased joint comfort, in the bone-based test, collagen peptide can increase osteoblast proliferation, differentiation and bone matrix mineralization, reduce bone resorption of osteoclasts, enhance and prolong anti-osteoporosis drug calcium reduction The effect of the vegetarian diet is to improve the effect of osteoporosis, and the effect on female consumers after menopause is also very obvious.

At present, these products for sports people are mainly sold in the European and American markets. The products are packaged in large quantities of barrels. In addition to being added as functional materials, collagen peptides are also added as high-efficiency protein sources. Whey protein, soy protein and other protein sources are combined to form a formula. The protein content of collagen peptide is above 92%, rich in glycine, proline, hydroxyproline, arginine, glutamic acid, etc. It is a very good source of protein. In addition to the large-bottle products, in order to cater to the consumption habits of different sports people, collagen peptide products have also been added to energy gels and nutritional bars.

For the elderly, the collagen peptide products are mainly in the form of solid granules or capsules or tablets in the international or domestic market. In the formulation design, glucosamine, calcium salts, minerals, vitamins, sulfated cartilage are considered. Raw materials such as hyaluronic acid, hyaluronic acid, and plant extracts that help joint and bone health to achieve synergistic effects.

Collagen peptide future market development

Collagen peptides are aimed at a wide range of customers and are very compatible in the formulation, so it can be easily added in various dosage forms, which greatly promotes the development of the collagen peptide market, and also because of collagen. The peptide is very limited by the stability of the raw material supply, and the problem of the productivity and quality stability of the collagen peptide still needs to be further solved.