Plant Protein & Natural Blue Pigment- Spirulina Blue

Jul 30, 2020

Hi Guys!
Did you know that the pigments you eat are basically synthetic?
Do you know its harm?
Natural blue pigment- Spirulina Blue, always guarding your health and gives you unbridled happiness!


Spirulina Blue is superior to other blue colorants:

  • Derived from natural spirulina, healthier
  • The only natural blue pigment approved by FDA
  • Unlike artificial colorants, it has no dyeing effect on your tongue
  • It can anti-cancer, promote blood cell regeneration, anti-oxidation, anti-allergy, anti-inflammatory, etc.
  • One of the three primary colors, other colors can be blended


Phycocyanin is a water-soluble pigment, that can be used as a food colorant and cosmetics additives.
It won't mask the flavors of your recipes, and its usage in food is not limited.

Series Product name Color valueThe Difference
  Spirulina Liquid Extract E3It is a blue honey-like liquid, fast-dissolving, avoid dust flying, easy to use.
  Spirulina Blue E10 E10With 45% trehalose and 5% sodium citrate as a carrier.
  Spirulina Blue E18 E18With 30% trehalose and 5% sodium citrate as a carrier. It’s the most commonly used specification in the world.
  Spirulina Blue E25 E25With 5% sodium citrate, high content of phycocyanin. It can be used in medical scientific researches, health care products, cosmetics, and more.


  • Soluble in water, insoluble in alcohol and grease
  • It is stable in weak acidity and neutral (pH 4.5~8) liquid
  • The color may fade if heated above 60˚C.
  • Keep pouch sealed tightly after opening.
  • Two year’s shelf life at 0℃~10℃