Foodchem Achieves Great Success at South Africa’s Big 7 Exhibition

Jul 01, 2023

The 20th edition of Africa's largest food industry exhibition, the Big 7, concluded on June 20, 2023, with Foodchem's booth, J05, stealing the spotlight. With its extensive product portfolio and commitment to professional service, Foodchem became a focal point for attendees. Let's explore the highlights of this event!


The Big 7 is divided into seven themed food technology halls, focusing on African food retail trade, agricultural processing and production, food technology and ingredients, baking equipment and processing, beverage products and processing and packaging technology, retail solutions, and food industry services and equipment.

Over 30 countries were represented by professional exhibitors, including the United Kingdom, France, Canada, Germany, the United States, Italy, Chile, India, and several African nations. The exhibition showcased a wide range of products, including agricultural processing and production displays such as fruits, vegetables, organic food, food ingredients, additives, seafood, groceries, and grains.

The exhibition also featured a food technology and international food and beverage display, presenting food processing technology and additives, food machinery, freezing technology, and packaging technology. Additionally, there was a pan-African retail food and beverage series exhibition, as well as a dairy and cheese products section. The event covered various food ingredient categories, including spices, seasonings, colorants, additives, flavorings, and plasticizers.

During the exhibition, Foodchem's representatives received hundreds of customers, focusing on establishing a new ecosystem of "Researching, Producing, and Saleing" in the food ingredient industry. Proactive innovation has always been Foodchem's key competitive advantage in driving industry growth.

Foodchem will continue to adhere to innovation, creating excellent quality and service, and maintaining an integrated model of production, trade, and research. We aim to expand our horizons and hope to collaborate closely with our self-developed technologies and the industry. Through the exhibition platform, we will engage in extensive exchanges with the world and explore more possibilities to promote high-quality exports of Chinese food ingredients.


Foodchem's participation in South Africa's Big 7 exhibition was a resounding success, driven by our dedication to innovation, exceptional quality, and service. Foodchem's future endeavors aim to foster collaboration between self-developed technologies and the food ingredient industry while facilitating global exchanges to promote high-quality export development of Chinese food ingredients.