Special Supply of Epidemic Prevention Materials for Customers

Mar 30, 2020

This year is very special. COVID-19 is spreading all over the world and threatening global people's health. COVID-19 is the common enemy of human beings and requires everyone to unite and fight together against it.

The health and destiny of people around the world are closely linked by this sudden outbreak. As long as we get together, we can overcome the epidemic and enjoy the wonderful world again.

Foodchem is very concerned about your situation. In order to help our global customer partners fight against the epidemic, Foodchem has launched an innovation project of "Health Protection" -- a special action of supply epidemic prevention materials for customers. By actively searching for epidemic prevention materials and resources, Foodchem will provide customers in need with help within its power.

The aim of this innovative project is to care for customers and help customers better prevent the epidemic.The whole project strictly follows the following three principles:

  • Fast, safe and reliable
  • Help customers find the resources they need
  • Reject unreasonable profits

On March 24, the project was officially launched and the project team was formally formed. On March 26, the project team officially launched the first batch of epidemic prevention materials. If you need, please contact us immediately.

Products List is as below: