A Letter to Global Customers from Foodchem CEO

Apr 08, 2020
A Letter to Global Customers from Foodchem CEO
A Letter to Global Customers from Foodchem CEO

To all Foodchem Customers:

This year is very special.COVID-19 is spreading all over the world, and threatening global people's health. The epidemic prevention situation is still very serious.

Foodchem is very concerned about your situation. Recently, COVID-19 has been effectively controlled in China by all efforts of the government and people. Foodchem responds to the emergency quickly, and all business is operating normally through a series of emergency measures.

The health and destiny of people around the world are closely linked by this sudden outbreak. As long as we get together, we can overcome the epidemic and enjoy the wonderful world again.

Here Foodchem shares some experience which we had in the past 3 months. Although the virus is terrible, as long as we avoid panic and respond in a scientific way, we can effectively reduce the risk of infection, and protect ourselves and our families better.

  • Below are some very practical and effective ways to prevent the virus, please collect
  • Prepare sufficient food and water at home
  • Work at home as often as possible
  • Wear a mask and gloves
  • Don't go to crowded places and keep a distance of one meter away from other people
  • Try to drive there instead of taking public transportation
  • Don't touch anywhere off the elevator
  • Wash your hands and spray disinfectant when you get home
  • Take a full bath

During this special period, Foodchem continues to operate as normal and continue to work with all of you to create a win-win situation. When the virus is cleared, we can seek for greater success together.

At present, Foodchem has accumulated a batch of anti-epidemic material resources. If you need, please contact us immediately.

Foodchem wishes you all health and good luck. Against COVID-19, Foodchem is always with you!

Lemon Zhang
CEO, Foodchem International Corporation

If you have any further questions on the passage, please contact us: