June 23 Logistics News Express

Jun 23, 2021

Yantian port will be fully restored tomorrow

The west port area of Yantian port, which has been suspended for more than a month since May 21, was unsealed and began operations by boat yesterday. The main port area of Yantian Port is expected to be fully restored from tomorrow, June 24, and the berthing of ships will gradually be normalized! At that time, the density of Yantian International Container Terminal may decrease further and the efficiency will rise steadily.

Freight rates are still accelerating

That the newly announced implementation of the general rate (GRI) increase by shipping lines, and the impact of congestion at Chinese ports, are important factors affecting the continued rise of freight rates. Freight rates in Asia-the East and West coasts of the United States are hitting record highs, and retail demand remains exceptionally strong. The shortage of containers remains an industry-wide challenge in the Asia-Pacific region.