Allulose, a new type of sugar substitute for hypoglycemic

Jun 13, 2022

Allulose, a new type of sugar substitute for hypoglycemic
Allulose is a well-studied rare sugar that has been granted GRAS certification by the US FDA, meaning it is generally recognized as safe as a food ingredient under the conditions of intended use in food and beverages. However, allulose has not been listed in China for the time being. Allulose is an isomer of fructose, a monosaccharide with very low content in nature. It is found in natural foods such as fruits, raisins, figs and kiwi. White powder, easily soluble in water.

⭕ Allulose Features

✅Low calorie. Calories are much lower than sucrose, about one-tenth of sucrose, and a small amount of calorie is approximately 0

✅The taste is close to that of sucrose. The sweetness of allulose is 70% of that of sucrose, which is very similar to high-purity sucrose. It stimulates the taste buds slightly faster than sucrose. There is no bad taste during consumption, and changes in temperature will not affect its sweetness. High-sweet stevia will feel greasy, and allulose is better at this point.

✅ Maillard reaction. Allulose can undergo the Maillard reaction and can replace sucrose in baking.

✅High security. Allulose has passed the GRAS safety certification of the US FDA, and is considered by European and American scholars to be the best substitute for erythritol. Humans generally have a certain tolerance to the intake of sugar alcohols. If the tolerance is exceeded, symptoms such as diarrhea may occur, but allulose will not occur, and it is very safe.

✅Control blood sugar and suppress blood sugar response. Allulose has no effect on blood sugar and suppresses the glycemic response of other carbohydrates when tested with carbohydrates

✅Anti-obesity. Studies have shown that allulose has the potential to pre-obesity in animal models. It suppresses the expression of genes related to fatty acid synthesis and increases the expression of genes related to lipolysis.

Comparison of Allulose with Other Sweeteners
sweetenerYear of listingRelative sucrose sweetnesstastesafetyusage limit
steviol glycosides2008200 timesMint flavorhighcertain restrictions
Mogroside2012250-300 timesMonk fruit flavorhighnot limited
Glycyrrhizin80-300 timesSlightly bitter aftertastehighernot limited
Xylitol19991.2 timescoolnesshighnot limited
Erythritol20020.6-0.7 timespurehighnot limited
Maltitol19641 timessofthighnot limited
Sorbitol0.5-0.7 timescoolnesshighnot limited
Arabic candy20030.5 timespurehighnot limited
Tagatose20010.92 timespurehighnot limited
Allulose20120.7 timespurehighnot limited

According to data from Future marketing sights, before 2019, the global demand for allulose was around 7,000 tons, and by the end of 2021, the global allulose market will reach US$210 million, corresponding to a demand of about 20,000 tons, of which 55% For food, 37% is used for beverages, and a small amount is used for medicine. In October 2021, my country's National Health Commission has accepted the application of D-psicose as a new food raw material. In view of the long-term research on the safety of psicose abroad and the approval of its application in more countries and regions, my country's Food-grade applications of allulose are also expected to be approved. We believe that with the approval of allulose by the state and the improvement of relevant laws and regulations in China, the demand for allulose is expected to rise to a higher level.

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Data source: China National Financial Securities Research Institute