DrinkGuard™ CF

DrinkGuard™ CF | suitable for coffee containing milk beverage

Product Description:The compound emulsifying thickener is suitable for coffee containing milk beverages. Strong emulsifying ability and high thermal stability; Prevent water and oil analysis, protein, and coffee powder stratification precipitation; The palate is smooth and delicate.

Benefits Values:

  • Increase the thick taste of the product;
  • Prevent product precipitation and oil slick;
  • Customize formulas according to customer needs;

Suggested dosage:

Product Main ingredientsSuggested dosageapplication
DrinkGuard™ CF10Microcrystalline CelluloseCarrageen0.10-0.30Stabilize the system, increase the mellow taste
DrinkGuard™ CF20Microcrystalline CelluloseXanthan gum0.10-0.30Stabilize the system, increase the mellow taste

Application sample: RTD COFFEE

Ingredients UnitDosage
Milk powderkg40.0
Coffee powderkg15.0
DrinkGuard™ CF10kg3.5
sodium bicarbonate kg1.0
Flavorkgappropriate amount
WaterkgMakeup to 1000kg
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