DrinkGuard™ JS

DrinkGuard™ JS(果汁)stabilizer for juice

Product Description:

DrinkGuard™ JS, a series of stabilizers, can keep water in the juice and jam system from being separated. In addition, it can prevent the jam from forming at the bottom of the bottle. This kind of product can make the beverage have a feeling of raw juice.

Suspension stabilizer is a compound additive that can be used in fruit juice containing fruit juice, which can make aloe, coconut or other fruit particles suspended in the juice.


  1. Enhance the mouthful taste of beverage;
  2. Prevent product to precipitate the phenomenon such as oil slick;
  3. Tailor the formula according to the beverage factory’s needs

Suggested dosage:

Product Main ingredientsSuggested dosageapplication
DrinkGuard™ JS10CMC, gellan gum0.10-0.30%Orange juice,Pomegranate juice
DrinkGuard™ JS20CMC, gellan gum, pectin0.10-0.30%Apple juice, grace juice
DrinkGuard™ JS30Xanthan gum, CMC0.10-0.80%Mango juice, Kiwifruit juice
DrinkGuard™ JS40Xanthan gum, CMC, Sodium alginate0.10-0.80%Peach juice,Mixedfruit and vegetable juice

Application sample: Mango juice

Reference recipe:

Ingredients UnitDosage
Mango pulpkg140
Citric acidkg2.15 
DrinkGuard™ JS30KG2.0
Ascorbic acidkg0.2
Sodium chloridekg0.2
Beta Carotene kg0.002
Sodium benzoatekg0.07
Potassium sorbatekg0.07
Water KgMakeup to 1000kg
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