DrinkGuard™ DR

DrinkGuard™ DR Stabilizer for dairy

Product Description:Do you want to improve the taste of chocolate milk or extend its shelf life?  Or do you want to increase the stability of flavored milk products? There are a variety of emulsifying stabilizers, and we will help you achieve those goals.

Benefits Values:

  • Water retention& protein stability
  • Simplify your internal processes
  • Making the dairy taste smooth

Suggested dosage:

Product Main ingredientsSuggested dosageapplication
DrinkGuard™ DR10Carrageenan, xanthan gum0.20-0.40%Cocoa Milk, Coffee Milk
DrinkGuard™ DR20Pectin, PGA0.20-0.40%Peanut milk, Walnut milk
DrinkGuard™ DR30Pectin, CMC0.40-0.60%Acidic milk drink
DrinkGuard™ DR50Xanthan, CMC 0.40-0.60%Fermented milk beverage

Application sample: Milk with fruit gain

Reference recipe:

Ingredients UnitDosage
Coconut grainkg80 
DrinkGuard™ DR30kg6.0
Citric acidkg1.8
Malic acidkg1.1
Lactic acidkg1.0
waterKgMakeup to 1000kg
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