Yeast Extract VM001

Yeast Extract VM001 is making full use of the unique natural complex flavor of YE. It has a richly flavorful, lasting, and mellow taste, presenting rich and balanced flavors. Good hot-resistance in vegan meat.

Yeast Extract VM001
Yeast Extract VM001
Certificate of Analysis
ProductYeast Extract VM001
SupplierFoodchem International Corporation
Batch No.20191215Quantity20 kg
Mfg. date2019-12-15Expiry date2020-12-14
 Total nitrogen (on dry), % ≥0.5 8.8
Moisture, %≤6.0 3.12
NaCl,%16.0~22.0 19.0 
PH value , (2.0% solution)  5.0~6.5 5.87
 Total plate count, CFU/g≤10000   40 
Coliform, MPN/g   Salmonella/25g          ≤0.3   Negative  
<0.3    Negative  

Storage: Kept in dry, cool, and shaded place with original packaging, avoid moisture, store at room temperature.

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