PhosFree MT100

Artificial marbling is the injection of animal fat and/or vegetable oil into lean meat in order to simulate the appearance of marbling and attempt to improve the palatability of inexpensive cuts by preventing them from drying out or losing flavor during the freezing or cooking process. Lean cuts of beef are one common target of artificial marbling. The process may also be performed on pork. It has been described as a more technologically advanced form of larding.


Foodchem research and manufactures professional compound emulsifier used to make artificial marbling meat.

PhosFree MT100 is a kind of high-efficiency phosphate-free water-retaining agent.

It is widely used in the field of food processing and can effectively improve the color and shape of food. Traditional phosphate-treated meat products often have a bitter and astringent taste. Since the phosphorus-free water-retaining agent is different from ordinary phosphorus-containing products, it will not have any effect on the taste of the product and restore the taste of the meat product.


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