Cherry: Foodchem’s 15 years In My Eyes

May 08, 2021

For 15 years, Foodchem has grown from a baby to youth.

Many of our products finished the achievements and breakthroughs from 0 to 300 MT in the rapidly changing market, from 300 MT to 1000 MT, even from 1000 MT to 10,000 MT. For example, Pectin, Agar-agar, Ascorbic Acid, PSG, VWG, and Citric Acid, etc. Such a great accomplishment depends on the strong supports of our supplier partners.


Reminding of the early days when Foodchem worked with the supplier partners of these products, two words appear in my mind, "looking forward to" and "doubt". When I firstly dealt with one supplier years ago, unfamiliarity with each other makes us the sense of trust decline at a certain, but after several times inquiry and quotations, as well as communication, we finally start to cooperate. Like Pectin, Ascorbic Acid and, PSG, all under the situation of "looking forward to" and "doubt", we successfully helped our supplier partners achieve the breakthrough of "zero" on the road to international trade. This experience brought us to the second stage of the partnership.

As the partnership deepened, Foodchem and the supplier partners I mentioned before stepped to the second stage -- "symbiosis". In 15 years, Foodchem had met almost all problems that will encounter in the business, such as our competitors' price competition, and the problems of customers' applications. When there was our competitors' price competition, we could get in-time information from our supplier partners, analyzed our competitor and the market together, and finally won the order, such as PSG and Citric acid products. When our customers met the problems of application that could not be solved, the engineers of both sides discussed with the customers to break through the technical problems, and we finally realized the cooperation with our customers, such as Agar-agar, Pectin, and Sodium Alginate, etc. It was the foundation of the trust laid down in the first stage that we have our "symbiosis" system in this stage.

Looking ahead, we will start the next stage of partnership with our strategic supplier partners -- "community". In the second decade of our development, we have our own standard in the selection of products. In the following development, we will choose some products and some suppliers to develop the deeper partnership, to form an indestructible "community" and finally realize the strategic development of both sides.