Stick to Long-termism: Realize a Change from Businessmen to Food Practitioner (II)

May 08, 2021

--This is a letter of Foodchem’s 15th anniversary from CEO Lemon

Believe in the power of persistence: adhere to the long-termism

An enterprise is a business organization. What is the value or significance of the existence of a business organization? We are constantly meeting the needs of our customers. I think that's the only reason for a business organization to exist. How to meet the needs of customers or create value for customers, I think this is something that we should always bear in mind, and even let this immersed into our blood.

Today, the world is changing very fast. For our enterprise, we have to keep innovating, no matter domestic innovation, product innovation, or various marketing methods innovation. Ultimately, we all need to meet our customers' changing needs and adapting quickly to their changes. In my opinion, the only constant of an enterprise is to change, which follows the needs of customers. I believe that only an enterprise that truly brings value to customers is valuable indeed.

My belief is to bring value to the customers and to stand in the perspective of the customers. Whether the things we are doing and the products and services we are providing to customers have value, is one of the most important criteria to judge our work.

CEO Lemon

From a business person to a food practitioner: Create an industry benchmark with the profession

Till today, Foodchem has grown to a leader in the food industry. We hope our leadership is not only in the commercial aspect but more importantly in the professional field. We also hope Foodchem owns the effects of the guidance and the demonstration to the industry, truly plays a valuable role in branding, better promotes the development and the progress of the industry.

I am originally from a trading background, and most people in this industry are mainly commercial at the beginning, that is, it owns its commercial aspect in some trading behaviors, so some people do not have professional backgrounds in this food industry. However, Foodchem put forward a point of view, that we hope our team could change from commercial to professional, that is, we want to change from businessmen to food practitioners.

Therefore, I am constantly learning and accumulating knowledge in the field of food. Foodchem also recruits a number of professionals in the food industry every year. We have set up an R&D laboratory to cooperate with the world's top research institutions in the food industry, to carry out explorations and researches on the production and application of food additives and ingredients.

In addition, there are several words, "proactive, honest and open, serious and pragmatic, professional and efficient". As we see, our core values exist in a progressive relationship between words. The first two are from our way of thinking, proactive is our attitude, and honest and open is our personal requirement.The last two points are our work criteria. We should work seriously and pragmatically and ultimately achieve the purpose of providing professional and efficient services to customers, because only by this way can we really be valuable to customers.

We hope that the professional attitude could penetrate every cell of our enterprise, with the power of professionalism, to create a professional brand.

Accumulated 15 years, Go Further Together

2021 marks the 15th anniversary of Foodchem. Our plan is technology, industry and trade integration strategy, we hope to make use of the advantage of Chinese current food ingredients international supply base and borrow Chinese technical advantages in food applications, use our products and our technology to bring the innovation of the food to customers around the world, to bring value and more joyful life experience for customers.