High-quality Inositol on Supply!

Jul 16, 2020

Hope you and your family are doing well this year.

I am glad to recommend Inositol for you, and the future market capacity of Inositol is growing year by year.

Now we Foodchem has high-quality Inositol to supply, it is focusing on the Field of Medicine, Food, Feed and Cosmetics, and it has the following advantages:

  • ① Environmentally friendly—Low Energy Consumption, Zero Emission
  • ② Low cost—just 1/3 of current
  • ③ High efficiency—Break the bottleneck of raw material capacity restriction

In the future, the new technology of large-scale production of inositol by multi-enzyme molecular will stimulate the global demand for inositol. Demand for Inositol will reach 160,000 tons by 2021!

According to the traditional product, the new process product has the remarkable characters:

Traditional ProductNew Process Product
Raw material sourceCorn, cavings and brancorn starch
Equipment corrosionSeriousLow
Environmental pollutionSeriousLow
Heavy metal contentBelow the national standardZero Heavy metal content

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inositol supplier
inositol supplier