Arbor Day: protect the homeland of mankind

Mar 11, 2021

Every March 12th is China's Arbor Day. Arbor Day is not unique to China, and most countries in the world have established Arbor Day. Although the date and name are different, the environmental protection concept of planting trees, protecting forests, and greening the environment is the same.


Green water and mountains are the golden and silver mountains

The earth is the blue planet on which mankind depends for survival and the common home of all mankind. All parts of the world are paying more and more attention to environmental protection. In recent years, the development and progress of new energy vehicles is a clear banner and example.

In China, the concept of forest protection has been deeply rooted in the minds of the people, and afforestation activities have been carried out for many years. Green water and green mountains are Jinshan Yinshan. The predecessors planted trees and the descendantswill share the shade. The Chinese people regard the green and natural environment as the most important natural resource to protect and as the most precious natural asset for future generations.

In 2012, when Foodchem Group's headquarter moved to Shihe Center, we planted two trees on purpose. After nearly 10 years of sunshine and rain, the young saplings of that year have grown up and can shelter us from wind and rain.

We have been acting to protect the environment

Foodchem Group has been providing healthy and safe food additives and ingredients to customers around the world for 15 years since its establishment, and also attaches great importance to environmental protection.

For production of raw materials, we have carried out environmental protection cooperation with the konjac production base in Yunnan, the vegetable and garlic production base in Shandong, etc., scientifically planted, protected the water and soil, and the raw materials of the cultivated agricultural products are of good quality and pollution-free.

In the production process, we strictly screen and review the qualifications of foundries and suppliers to ensure compliance with environmental protection requirements and ensure product quality, health and safety.

Foodchem Group actively participates in and carries out various environmental protection public welfare actions, such as green fitness running, park environmental protection actions, office greening plans, river garbage cleaning public welfare actions, etc., to implement environmental protection concepts into practical actions.

Greening the environment and protecting the earth, let us act together to take care of our common home.