Jingzhe: Open New Year’s Hope with Your Vitality

Mar 05, 2021

Today is Jingzhe, in Chinese it means awakening of insects. This is one of the twenty-four solar terms in China. In this term, spring thunder begins, the rain increases, the temperature rises, everything is full of life, and nature has new vitality. The snakes, insects, rats, and ants that are dormant underneath for overwintering are waking up.

The recent market is the same as the weather, heating up day by day. Wish you grasp the market to make it better at the start of 2021!

Intimate Tips:

After Jingzhe, everything recovers. It is a season of warm spring flowers, but it is also a season when all kinds of viruses and bacteria are active. At the same time, the weather changes greatly during this period, and everyone should beware of changes in cold and warm to prevent the epidemic of seasonal diseases such as colds.

Pay attention to the characteristics of the rising of Yang Qi and the beginning of all things, and appropriately strengthen outdoor activities and physical exercises, so that one's spirit, emotions, and blood can be stretched out and full of vitality as in spring.