DrinkGuard™ YG

DrinkGuard™ YG Stabilizer for yogurt

Product Description:Do you want to improve the water-holding of yogurt?  Or do you want to increase the stability of flavored milk products? DrinkGuard™ YG series stabilizer is an optimal choice. There are a variety of emulsifying stabilizers, and we will help you achieve those goals.

Benefits Values:

  • Enhancing the mouthful taste of yogurt;
  • Ensuring the stability of the drink during its shelf life

Tailor the formula according to customers’ needs

Suggested dosage:

Product Main ingredientsSuggested dosageapplication
DrinkGuard™ YG10Modified starch, pectin0.20-0.40%Prevents syneresis and has a mellow taste
DrinkGuard™ YG20Pectin, agar0.20-0.40%Prevents syneresis and has a mellow taste
DrinkGuard™ YG30Modified starch, gelatin0.20-0.60%Prevents syneresis and has a mellow taste

Prevents syneresis and has a mellow taste

Application sample:Room temperature yogurt

Reference recipe:

Ingredients UnitDosage
Milk powderkg4
DrinkGuard™ YG10kg4.0
Yogurt Bacteriakg0.1
Raw milkKgMakeup to 1000kg
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