Foodgel™ C200

Introduce: Foodgel™ C200 meets customers’ pursuit of low-fat healthy living while it is the perfect substitute for animal fats.

Quality advantages:

  1. Improve the quality and elasticity
  2. Can be widely used in meat products that do not need heat treatment, improve the elasticity and slicing, and maintain the water.
  3. Substitute for animal fats, improve the taste, and save cost.

Quantity of Addition: 10%-20%

Applications:for low-temperature emulsified sausages, high-temperature ham sausages, and sausages, ham and other processed-meat products that need to increase the structure of the product.

Foodgel™ C200
Foodgel™ C200


  1. The water and vegetarian gum are mixed in a cutting bowl at a high speed to form a paste, without particles.
  2. Slowly add pre-heated vegetable oil or animal oil, cutting at high speed until the material is evenly mixed and present emulsified white, control the temperature of the pan at 30 °C -40 °C.
  3. After the cutting is completed, keep it in the environment of 0-6 °C for 4-6 hours. It can be used after being gelatinized. The storage time should not exceed 12 hours.
  4. Make the recombinant fat by twisting different specification of the stencil, or added during the cutting process, and can also be used during the mixing process.

Tips: Foodgel™ C200: water: vegetable oil = 1:18:12    Foodgel™ C200:water: animal fat = 1:20:10


ItemFoodgel™ C200
Physical appearanceuniform powder
coloruniform powder
Dry reduction, W/%≤13
Lead / (mg / kg)≤2
Arsenic / (mg / kg)≤2
Staphylococcus aureus / 25gNEGATIVE
Salmonella / 25gNEGATIVE
Shigella / 25gNEGATIVE

Storage:The temperature should below 25 °C, relative humidity below 80%.

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