Iota carrageenan

Iota carrageenan is a high molecular weight hydrophilic polysaccharide primarily extracted from the marine red algae Eucheuma denticulatum "Spinosum" using advanced processing technology. Its sulfate ester polysaccharide content can reach up to 32%, making it a polysaccharide with good immune activity. Under the influence of calcium ions, Iota carrageenan can form a soft and elastic gel, also known as calcium-sensitive carrageenan.

Foodchem selects high-quality seaweed from Indonesia, Tanzania, the Philippines, and Chilean waters as raw materials for carrageenan production. It has established carrageenan production bases in Indonesia and China to ensure a stable supply chain. With advanced processing technology, strict quality management, and more than 20 years of accumulated application solutions for carrageenan in various fields such as meat products, desserts, dairy products, daily chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and pet foods, it can meet the needs of different customers for carrageenan.

Iota carrageenan
Application solutions for carrageenan in various fields: meat products, desserts, dairy products, daily chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and pet foods

Production Process

Iota carrageenan

Product Characteristics


  • Low-temperature dissolution as a pseudoplastic fluid (50-3000cp viscosity)
  • Forms a viscous solution with free dispersion of carrageenan molecules
  • Generally has a viscosity of 20-60cp (1.5%) after heating

  • Forms highly elastic gels with divalent calcium ions after heating
  • Can also form gels with monovalent potassium or sodium ions, no syneresis
  • Forms elastic gels in sugar systems

    Freeze-thaw stability:
  • Iota carrageenan gels do not exude water after refrigeration
  • No syneresis after freezing and thawing

    Protein reactivity:
  • Weak protein reactivity with some emulsification properties

Application of Iota carrageenan:

Iota carrageenan
Iota carrageenan
Fresh Meat InjectionProduct advantages:
1. The product has sufficient juiciness and is not dry.
2. Increases yield and reduces costs.
3. Natural ingredients reduce the need for added phosphates.
Plant-based CandyProduct advantages:
The texture ranges from chewy to crispy, meeting various preferences for texture.
MayonnaiseFunctional properties in sauces:
1. Increase the thickness of the sauce while providing a smooth and non-sticky mouthfeel
2. Good stability and flowability of the sauce, easy to pump
3. Provide emulsification, reduce fat separation
CoffeeFunctional properties in latte coffee:
1. Has the function of controlling oil floating and stabilizing protein
2. Enhances fullness and richness in mouthfeel

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