Foodgel™ J100

Introduce: Foodgel™ J100 greatly improves the tenderness, maintains the water and improves the product yield.

Quality advantages:

  1. Low viscosity, easy to disperse, high transparency, high strength and so on;
  2. The product has strong binding ability with meat protein, which can effectively assist protein to keep water and make the product slice smooth;
  3. has good elasticity and toughness, the muscle fiber texture is clear;
  4. Improve the tenderness and juiciness of meat products 

Quantity of Addition: 0.5%-1%

Applications:Grilled meat, roasted tenderloin, roast duck, roasted turkey legs, cumin beef, smoked ham, compressed ham, red sausage, fish sausage, chicken sausage, luncheon meat and so on.

 Foodgel™ J100
Foodgel™ J100


1. Mixing this product with other materials such as salt, sugar, monosodium glutamate, etc.

2. Add ice water in the salt water machine and slowly add the auxiliary material to shear and stir

3. Use the injection machine to evenly inject into the meat.

4. Rolling the meat in the tumbler for a period of time, carrageenan and other materials can be evenly distributed in the meat well.

Tips: Multiple injections can be made according to the characteristics of the product. The injection rate of the product can reach 160%. In the rolling stage, according to the calculation of the injection rate, the injection can be directly put into the roller and rolled together with meat.


Itemcompound carrageenan (ham powder)
Physical appearanceuniform powder 
colorLight yellow or white
Dry reduction, W/%≤13
Lead / (mg / kg)≤2
Arsenic / (mg / kg)≤2
Staphylococcus aureus / 25gNEGATIVE
Salmonella / 25gNEGATIVE
Shigella / 25gNEGATIVE

Storage:The temperature should below 25 °C, relative humidity below 80%.

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