Foodgel™ C100

Introduce: Foodgel™ C100 is a substitute for meat while it could not only enhance the flavor but also reduce costs

Quality advantages:

1, Maintain the water

2, form a stable thermal irreversible gel, greatly reducing production costs.

3, customize according to your needs.

4. Make the products white.

Quantity of Addition: 5%-10%

Applications:all kinds of sausages, sandwich ham and other meat products.

Foodgel™ C100
Foodgel™ C100


  1. Pour 30kg of water (10 °C)  into the cutting bowl with low speed, and slowly add 1kg of Foodgel™ C100 to the water
  2. After completely mixed, Start the high-speed cutting until it is mixed with the fine and uniform granules, and the whole form is viscous paste
  3. Standing for 10min-14min
  4. Add 8-12kg of corn starch or tapioca starch, mix well, and get the pre-formed rubber.
  5. Keep the pre-formed rubber in 0-6 ° C, and should be used up in 12hours.
  6. Mix pre-formed rubber during the cutting of meat.


Item Foodgel™ C100
Physical appearanceuniform powder
colorLight yellow or white
Loss on drying, W/%≤13
Lead / (mg / kg)≤2
Arsenic / (mg / kg)≤2
Staphylococcus aureus / 25gNEGTIVE
Salmonella / 25gNEGTIVE
Shigella / 25gNEGTIVE

Storage:The temperature should below 25 °C, relative humidity below 80%.

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