PhosFree MPT80

This product is an off-white powder or crystalline powder, easily soluble in water. It can significantly improve the water retention of various types of livestock and poultry meat. The compound product has a scientific and healthy proportion.

Product Features

  • Used in meat products
  • High yield and low cost
  • No obvious odor
  • Strong No obvious odor water absorption

Application areas: Beef, pork, chicken, lamb, fish


Directions for use
① Chopping process: join the dry powder, in the first step, add the PhosFree MPT80 together with the raw meat and some ice water into the chopping mixing pot, and then add other auxiliary materials.

② Rolling and injection process: when preparing the auxiliary material solution in the agitator, firstly add the PhosFree MPT80, after it completely is dissolved, adding other auxiliaries materials, to prevent agglomeration.


  • Correct raw meat
  • production rate, select the appropriate ratio
  • Add as dry powder or dissolved
  • Tumble or inject

Application Comparison

NO.chicken breast WaterAquasorbAquasorb/Gross weight
245g 98g3.43g1.0%

Application Process

Reference recipe for chicken fillet:

Material ChickenMPT80MarinadeCorn StarchwaterTotal
  • Raw material processing: fresh or frozen chicken breasts are thawed naturally (ambient temperature≤12℃); cutting: cut into chicken fillet shapes
  • Vacuum tumbling: temperature 6-8℃ Rolling method Total rolling 60min Vacuum degree -0.08Mpa Rotating speed 6r/min
  • Marinating: 12-16 hours; temperature:4-6°C; placing on a plate, quick freezing

Other matters needing attention:

  • (1) The addition amount of non-phosphorus water-retaining agent MPT80 should be adjusted reasonably according to the variety of raw meat and the yield rate;
  • (2) The tumbling time can be adjusted reasonably in combination with the size and thickness of the raw meat to make the water fully absorbed.
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