ProBinder™️ MR 10

The ProBinder™️ MR series is a biological fermentation preparation for fermenting bacteria of the genus Streptococcus mutans. It is an enzyme that catalyzes the internal transfer reaction between proteins, resulting in covalent cross-linking between proteins (or polypeptides). The series can stick all kinds of small minced meat into a whole piece of meat, make steak, pork chops, chicken chops, reconstituted bacon, meat rolls, etc.; improve the low commercial value of minced meat to reduce the production cost of the product, increase the added value of raw materials, reduce Waste meat waste; reconstitute products of different shapes; without lowering the texture of the final product, with good freeze-thaw properties.

Scope of application: meat rolls, steaks (steak, lamb chops, pork chops, poultry)


  1. Reduce waste of minced meat and increase the commercial value of minced meat;
  2. Adding does not change the texture and flavor of the final product, safe and clean;

ProBinder™️ MR10

Small minced meat use process:
Raw small pieces of minced meat→→rolling→→vacuum filling forming→→placement reaction (8-12 hours, 4-10°C)→→quick frozen slice→→finished product
  Add 1 part of PRObinderTM-MR100+4 parts ice water before the pan

ProBinder™️ MR  Transglutaminase
ProBinder™️ MR Transglutaminase

Storage Conditions:

Keep it cool (preferably frozen or frozen) and dry, away from light. Avoid exposure to air and use or reseal the product as soon as it is opened.


  1. The amount of PRObinder™ MR series added depends on the formulation of the food and its production process. The recommended amount of small minced meat is 0.8%-1.5% of the raw meat, which is determined experimentally before use.
  2. ProBinder™️ MR should not be mixed with oxidants.
  3. If you need help, please contact our technical service department.
ProBinder™ MR10
ProBinder™ MR10
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