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  • Vanillin

    Oct 29, 2019

    Foodvanil Vanillin

    Vanillin application in bread, biscuits, chocolate, confectionary, ice-cream

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  • Transglutaminase

    Oct 23, 2019

    Correct use of glutamine transaminase in meat products

    The ProBinder™ MR20 is usually sprinkled on the piece of meat to be bonded. Sprinkle enough MR20 on both surfaces to form complete dust; The brush spreads the coating evenly. Alternatively, immerse the debris directly into the MR20. The ProBinder™ MR20 can also be mixed with 4 parts by weight of ice water to form a slurry to coat the meat. The slurry must be used within 20 minutes because the adhesion in the ProBinder™ MR20 decreases over time, sodium caseinate will be combined with itself.

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  • Transglutaminase supplier

    Oct 17, 2019

    ProBinder™ MR20 [TG] use in fish products

    The ProBinder™ MR20 contains sodium caseinate, maltodextrin, glutamine transaminase, etc. It is mainly used as a protein linker to immobilize protein components together. It includes sodium caseinate, a water-soluble milk protein, which helps to increase the bond strength. It is commonly used to two or more pieces of meat together and can be used to make a variety of shapes that would otherwise be difficult (or impossible) to produce by conventional means.

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  • transglutaminase supplier

    Oct 11, 2019

    The Application of Transglutaminase in meat products

    Foodchem offers two series of Transglutaminase (ProBinder™ & FoodTG™)for meat products.

    ProBinder™ MR10/MR20/MS
    FoodTG™ E10/E20/E100/E200

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  • Aug 12, 2019

    Development of collagen peptides in China & Foreign Markets

    Collagen peptides have various names on the market, including hydrolyzed collagen, small-molecule collagen or collagen, but different names point to using collagen-rich tissues in animals as raw materials. For example, common fish skin, beef bone, cowhide, pigskin, etc., under the hydrolysis of acid and alkali and protease, the non-aqueous soluble macromolecular collagen triple helix structure is opened, and the average molecular weight is less than 10,000. A small molecule collagen peptide mixture.

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  • Jul 04, 2019

    Personalization will become the development direction of food and beverage enterprises in the future

    In recent years, the global food and beverage market has changed dramatically, and more and more small emerging brands appear in the market and gradually erode the market share of large food companies. These new brands are accepted by more and more consumers, because of their product innovation and the ability to quickly adapt to consumer demand, often very well. It’s hard for large companies to upgrade their products and change their tastes quickly.

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  • Jun 10, 2019

    The bakery food industry market will maintain close to 10% growth in the future

    Baked foods are made from flour, yeast, salt, sugar, water, etc., and are added with appropriate amounts of oils, fats, eggs, and other additives, and then processed by dough, molding, baking, and the like.

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  • May 14, 2019

    Monk fruit which is a zero-calorie sweetener

    Monk fruit sweeteners taste different from regular table sugar, and some find the taste unusual or unpleasant. The sweeteners can also leave an aftertaste.

    Other ingredients. Some manufacturers balance the taste of monk fruit by mixing it with other sugars, such as maltodextrin or dextrose. This can change the sweetener’s nutritional profile and make it unsafe or undesirable for some people.

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  • Jan 13, 2019

    Three Sweeteners You Can Actually Use on the Keto Diet

    A keto-friendly sweetener sounds a bit like an oxymoron: Sweeteners are typically sugars, sugars are carbohydrates, and the ketogenic diet is very, very low in carbs . But the fact is, there are sweeteners out there with little to no carbs—and while the list below is short, stevia, monk fruit, and erythritol can all be part of your ketogenic diet.

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