ProBinder™ MR20 [TG] use in fish products

Oct 17, 2019

The ProBinder™ MR20 contains sodium caseinate, maltodextrin, glutamine transaminase, etc. It is mainly used as a protein linker to immobilize protein components together. It includes sodium caseinate, a water-soluble milk protein, which helps to increase the bond strength. It is commonly used to two or more pieces of meat together and can be used to make a variety of shapes that would otherwise be difficult (or impossible) to produce by conventional means.

Step 1 -Coat Product
(Sprinkle product onto the substrate so that all surfaces to be bonded are coated with powder. Shake off excess)→

Step 2 –Align surfaces →

Step 3 –Form or mold
(Vacuum package within about 5-10 minutes, or wrap with plastic wrap)→

Step 4 -Reaction
(Chill product overnight)→

Step 5 –Portion

Note* –Immerse method distributes ProBinderTM preparations more evenly than does sprinkle method.

Transglutaminase  supplier
Transglutaminase  supplier
Transglutaminase  supplier