The Application of Transglutaminase in meat products

Oct 11, 2019

Since being introduced in the early 21st, TG has rapidly grown into a major commercial product used to chemically cross-link a wide range of food proteins. It is effective and approved for food use globally in food products. The current widespread use of TG has greatly reduced it's cost and increased its commercial availability. Foodchem (China) offers a range of commercial TG formulations designed for use in a variety of food products. The FoodTG™ & ProBinder™ series TG is designed for meat, dairy, seafood and more.

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Foodchem offers two series of Transglutaminase (ProBinder™ & FoodTG™)for meat products.

ProBinder™ MR10/MR20/MS

FoodTG™ E10/E20/E100/E200

Originally developed in the 1990s to improve the production of surimi by Ajinomoto, the enzyme transglutaminase, or TG for short, is used to upgrade the eating experience of sausage. Although different versions contain secondary ingredients to improve performance, they all contain the TG. TG is vital because it forms chemical cross-links between the amino acids in proteins so that they bind to one another. Specifically, it helps form a strong covalent bond by linking glutamine and lysine, two amino acids commonly found in proteins.

In all likelihood, FoodTG™️ will meet all your food-binding needs, and it's the only one you need for the recipes here.

What’s the benefit of Transglutaminase

.Improves texture of sausage and make it elastic;

.Improves meat bite;

.Cost down of the final product

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1.Improvement of the food texture:

TG can improve the important properties of a protein by catalyzing the formation of cross-links Intra- and inter molecule of proteins. If the product is applied in the production of reformed meat, it can not only cohere the dogmeat together but also attach the non-meat protein to meat protein with cross-links, thus greatly improving the taste, flavor, texture and nutrition value of meat products. 

2.Improvement of the nutrition value of protein:

TG can make the essential amino acid(such as lysine) of human bodies covalently cross-linked with protein to prevent the amino acids from being destroyed by Maillard reaction, which results in the improvement of the nutrition value of protein. Transglutaminase can also be used to introduce the absent amino acids into a protein with unideal compositions. People in developing countries are especially interested in this aspect. 

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ProBinder™-MR20 can be pre-hydrated at 1 part of ProBinder™-MR20 to about 4 parts cold water. The slurry is then brushed onto food pieces.Product should then be stuffed, vacuum packaged, or molded. Refrigerate 6 hours to overnight for enzymatic reaction. Longer reaction may result in better performance. Once reacted, freezing or cooking does not weaken the bond.

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ProBinder™ MS is a TG from Foodchem. This type of TG enzyme is mainly used to improve the texture of emulsified protein products and enhance elasticity.

Suitable products: Frankfurt sausage, Vienna sausage, Bologna sausage, lean meatball, etc. ProBinder™ MS Simple, the amount of addition is small, and the amount of addition can be controlled from 0.1% to 0.5% depending on the protein content of the product.

Take meatballs as an example:

Raw meat (pig, beef, chicken) → → cutting (1/2 ice water other additives) → → add ProBinder™ MS (1/2 ice water, starch) →→ball forming→→reaction(45°C-55°C,15-20minutes) →→cooked (80°C-85°C)→→cooling→→products

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You can get more information about ProBinder™ MS from FOODCHEM New Website:

Transglutaminase supplier

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