Dehydrated Sweet Potato Powder is one of the popular food additives and ingredients in most countries, As a professional Dehydrated Sweet Potato Powder supplier and manufacturer, Foodchem International Corporation has been supplying and exporting Dehydrated Sweet Potato Powder from China for almost 15 years, please be assured to buy Mono Propylene Glycol at Foodchem. Any inquiries and problems please feel free to send emails to us via, we will reply you within 1 working day.

Dehydrated Sweet Potato Powder


Sweet potatoes are rich in protein, starch, pectin, cellulose, amino acids, vitamins, and various minerals, and the sugar content reaches 15% -20%. It has the reputation of "longevity food". Sweet potato is rich in dietary fiber and has the special function of preventing sugar from converting fat; it can promote gastrointestinal motility and prevent constipation. Sweet potato has a special protective effect on human organs and mucous membranes. Sweet potato flour is carefully ground using dehydrated sweet potato grains.

The production process of dehydrated sweet potatoes:

  1. The fresh, non-pollution and insect-free sweet potato raw materials of the current season are selected by hand.
  2. After being flushed by the high-pressure water pump, it enters the pre-treatment console from the logistics channel.
  3. Washed by roller peeler, and processed manually at the pre-treatment table.
  4. After the processed semi-finished products pass the manual inspection, they will enter the fully automatic vegetable cutter for pelletizing.
  5. The chopped product is transported to the disinfection tank for disinfection and sterilization through the conveyor belt.
  6. After passing through the blanching pool, it will be cut off by high temperature and then enter the cooling pool for cooling.
  7. After the centrifugal water shaker removes the surface moisture, it enters the oven for drying treatment.
  8. The semi-finished product enters the oven for drying. During the period, pay attention to the temperature of the oven, and have a special person in charge of frying to ensure that the color and moisture of the product meet the requirements.
  9. After the product is dried and cooled, it will be quantitatively packed in double-layer plastic bags, and the product will be stored in the warehouse after it is cooled again in the cooling room.


Color With the inherent qualities of sweet potatoes
Flavor Typical of sweet potato, free of other smell
Appreance Powder, Non-caking
Moisture 8.0% maximum
Ash 6.0% maximum
Aerobic Plate Count 100,000/g maximum
Mould and Yeast 500/g maximum
E.Coli Negative



1, What kinds of certificates can you offer?

Foodchem is an ISO2008 9001 certified company, as for Dehydrated Sweet Potato Powder, we can offer HAPPC, KOSHER, HALAL Certificates, ect.

2, Is Foodchem a manufacturer or just a trading company?

Foodchem is both manufacturer and trading company, we are Dehydrated Sweet Potato Powder distributor, at the same time, we are manufacturer of other products.

3, What is the Min Order Quantity of Dehydrated Sweet Potato Powder?

Different products have different MOQ, for Dehydrated Sweet Potato Powder, the MOQ is 500kg.

4, What is the price of Dehydrated Sweet Potato Powder?

Foodchem is a famous supplier and manufacturer of Dehydrated Sweet Potato Powder in China, and has been corporate with many Dehydrated Sweet Potato Powder suppliers for several years, we can provide you with cost-effective Dehydrated Sweet Potato Powder.

5, How long shall we wait for your reply?

We can guarantee to reply your inquiries of Dehydrated Sweet Potato Powder in less than 24 hours in working days.

6, What kinds of transportation types can you provide?

Our main transportation methods include air transportation, land transportation and water transportation.

7, What kinds of payment terms can you accept?

The most commonly used payment terms are T/T, L/C, D/P, D/A, etc.

8, How long will I receive my good?

Foodchem has its own EDC warehouse in Shanghai, when your purchase order has been confirmed, inventory products will deliver within 1 week, other products delivery in 2 weeks.

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