NeoZyme™️ Drinking Enzymes

  • Name:Tracey
  • Position:Hydrophilic colloid r&d engineer
  • Research direction:Natural pigments, preservatives, enzyme preparations, proteins, plant fibers, antioxidants and nutrients for beverages


Function: Using high-quality tea as raw material, inoculation of various yeasts, lactic acid bacteria and acetic acid bacteria, low-temperature long-term fermentation, the industrial production of this traditional health drink.

This product has the following advantages:
(1)inoculation of bacteria that meet the regulations;
(2)production by modern fermentation, mass production;
(3)controllable fermentation process, no contamination of bacteria;
(4)suitable fermentation cycle, stable product quality.
Recommended amount (g/kg): Appropriate use according to production needs

NeoZyme™️ Drinking Enzymes Kombucha

Fruit and vegetable enzyme

Function: With fresh fruits and vegetables / concentrated fruit and vegetable juice as raw materials, inoculated with optimized combination of lactic acid bacteria, using low temperature long-term fermentation process, the products containing specific bioactive ingredients.

This product has the following advantages:
(1) The fermentation cycle is suitable;
(2)The production process is controllable;
(3)The microbial species are clear;
(4)The product is safe.

Recommended amount (g/kg): Appropriate use according to production needs.

Fruit and vegetable enzyme
Fruit and vegetable enzyme

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