ProBinder™ VH

ProBinder™ VH is made of natural thickener, natural high gel protein, etc. It has good particle adhesion ability, can easily combine various non-meat ingredients, giving the best molding performance and taste, firm texture, and excellent flavor. It is mainly suitable for the bonding of vegetarian meat burger products. Foodmate- ProBinderTM VH is the perfect choice for vegetarians.

The advantages of Foodmate- ProBinderTMVH:

  • Excellent binding properties
  • Easy to use
  • A flexible and widely applicable system
  • High-quality end products with a juicy and firm texture

Main ingredients: thickener, modified starch, vegetable protein

Recommended dose: 1: 1: 1.5: 6 (reference ratio, can be adjusted appropriately) This product: Oil: TVP: Ice Water

Scope of application: Adhesives for vegetarian meat burgers and imitation meat products

Steps to make vegetarian meat burger:

  • Add ProBinder™ VH;
  • Add oil ;
  • Add ice water and mix at high speed until the slurry is thick and elastic;
  • Add TVP and mix well;
  • Mold and fry

Precautions: Ensure that the temperature of the mixture of ice water and ingredients is less than 10℃ If the temperature is greater than 10℃, the mixture can not reach sufficient viscosity; using a vacuum chopper can improve the toughness of the product.

Shelf life: 18 months in an unopened state

Packaging, storage, and transportation:

1 * 25 KG plastic woven composite bag; dry storage, avoid foreign odor, avoid direct sunlight; once the product is opened, please use it as soon as possible; it is strictly prohibited to store or transport with toxic substances

ItemStandardTest  ResultConclusion
Appearancepale yellow or milky  whiteConfirmQualified
Particle Size(%)90%  pass 100 meshConformQualified
Loss on Drying(%)≤13Qualified
Arsenic(As, mg/kg)≤2.0Qualified
Lead(Pb, mg/kg)≤2.0Qualified
Total Plate Count(CFU/g)≤10000Qualified
Yeasts and Molds(CFU/g)≤300Qualified
SalmonellaAbsent in 12.5gAbsentQualified
E.coliAbsent in 5gAbsentQualified
Conclusion: Through analysis, the quality of this batch number is approved.
Note :Reccommended storage conditions: Keep the prodution in a cool  dry area. 
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